How To Conduct Yourself at a DUI Stop

police officer talking to female driver and holding her ID

It’s common for drivers to get nervous when pulled over by the police. Your nerves will likely increase once you realize that the police officer is suspicious that you are driving under the influence. However, it’s important to conduct yourself appropriately during a DUI stop while also protecting yourself. The team at Miles Hansford, LLC has put together some tips to help you remain level headed if you are ever pulled over for suspected DUI.

Remember to Signal!

Immediately after seeing the flashing lights behind you, begin looking for a safe place to pull over. Always remember to use your turn signal to indicate that you are pulling off to the side. If you don’t, you could be ticketed and have to pay a fine.

Be Polite

Of course, no one is happy about being pulled over. However, you cannot let your frustration show. Make sure that you are polite during all of your interactions with the police officer. Your demeanor during the traffic stop could be brought up in court. The judge may even directly ask if you were polite to the officer throughout the stop. You’ll want to ensure that the answer is yes.

Don’t Admit Guilt

Say as little as possible during the DUI stop, and definitely do not admit to driving under the influence. Instead, invoke your right to remain silent. Anything you say during the stop can be used as evidence against you.

Don’t Submit to Field Sobriety Tests

We cannot emphasize this point enough. You are under no legal obligation to take field sobriety tests, and you shouldn’t. By taking these tests, you give the officer the opportunity to attribute any small mistake you make to being impaired by drugs or alcohol.

Cumming, Georgia DUI Defense

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