Officer Considering Strong Criminal Defense After Bui Charges

Police officers have difficult jobs. Tasked with enforcing laws, they often work long hours, putting their personal safety at risk. When faced with grave charges, most officers immediately begin to mount a strong criminal defense, as they understand how difficult incarceration can be if they are convicted. Recently, a Georgia officer was charged with boating under the influence charges after a bad accident on Lake Lanier.

According to a Department of Natural Resources official, a man was arrested on a recent Saturday and booked into jail following a boating accident. The man, who is a patrol officer in Alpharetta, is also on military leave. As such, he is technically under military control, and it is unsure whether he will be tried in military or civilian courts.

The accident occurred when a passenger was trying to get back into the boat from the water. The accused was allegedly driving the boat at that time and may have put the boat into reverse. This caused the boarding passenger to be swept underneath the boat. During this time, he broke one ankle and one leg was 90 percent severed, potentially by the propeller.

Those in Georgia who have been accused of a DUI or BUI charge may want to consider discussing their case with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Those in law enforcement may especially want to pursue rapid representation, as they typically have difficulties in the legal system when accused of crimes. An attorney will discuss the various legal options available, and can advise the accused on the best path to take to ensure that their rights and safety are protected.

Source:¬†, “Alpharetta officer arrested after Lake Lanier BUI“, Ellen Eldridge, July 6, 2016

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