Drug Charges Filed Against Georgia Man

Police in Georgia recently pulled over a man for allegedly committing various traffic violations. This stop ultimately ended with the man being arrested on drug charges on top of the the other offenses. As this is not this individual’s first run in with the law, he could likely benefit from the assistance of a skilled criminal defense attorney to help him fight these most recent charges.

According to reports, the accused — who is said to have been the sheriff of Wheeler County from 2012 to 2016 — was arrested in Twiggs County following a routine traffic stop. This individual was pulled over for various violations, including window-tint, tag-light and following to closely. Upon searching his vehicle, police claim to have found drugs and drug paraphernalia as well.

The accused was promptly taken into custody and booked into the Twiggs County Jail. Whether he is still being held or if he has been released is unknown. Court dates regarding this matter have not been reported.

In Georgia, methamphetamine possession is a felony level offense. This individual could face two to 15 years in prison, among other penalties, if prosecuting attorneys are able to secure a conviction. Such consequences could drastically alter the course of this man’s life. Fighting the drug charges in this case will not prove to be an easy feat. However, with the assistance of legal counsel, this individual will be able to make informed decisions regarding his case, allowing him to pursue an avenue that will best benefit his circumstances — difficult as they may be.

Source: ajc.com, “Former Georgia sheriff arrested on drug charges“, Steve Burns, April 22, 2017

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