Seek Legal Guidance Even If Your Divorce Is Uncontested

As hard as it may seem for some people to believe, there are quite a few couples in Georgia who do not fight about everything when ending their marriages. While many divorces can drag on while going through litigation, those that are uncontested can be resolved rather quickly. An uncontested divorce can be a great thing, but it does not mean that you should not seek legal counsel in order to make sure your final agreement really serves your best interests.

An uncontested divorce works a little differently than a traditional divorce. It requires that both spouses agree on property division, financial support and — if applicable — child custody and support issues. One spouse will then file the petition in court with the agreed upon settlement information, while the other signs an acknowledgment form. If children are involved, a parenting plan will also need to be submitted.

After everything is filed, the couple will have to wait at least 31 days before the divorce will be granted. A request for dissolution cannot be awarded any faster than that, according to state laws. If a Consent to Try After 31 Days form is completed, the court can grant the divorce without the couple needing to do anything further. To learn more about the waiting period and how final judgment is awarded, please visit our firm’s website.

An uncontested divorce seems like a simple enough thing for couples in Georgia to complete on their own. It is okay to ask for help, though, in order to make sure nothing has been overlooked and to ensure that all the legal documents are completed appropriately. An experienced family law attorney can answer any questions you may have and assist with preparing and submitting the necessary documents in court.

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