Business Litigation Requires Concrete Evidence of Breach

In order to successfully conduct a business here in Georgia or elsewhere, it is often necessary to place some faith in other people. An entrepreneur trusts that when one enters into a contract with someone to exchange goods and/or services for monetary payment, all parties will fulfill their end of the bargain. When that does not happen, business litigation may be necessary in order to put things right.

For example, a concrete company entered into a contract with a condominium company for a job. In exchange for payment of approximately $57,000, the concrete company would provide materials, labor and other services. The company fulfilled its end of the bargain, but the condominium company failed to make the agreed to payment.

Concrete Restoration Team LLC d/b/a Surtreat Concrete Restoration of Florida found it necessary to file a complaint against Golden View Condominium Inc., seeking a court order for the payment it claims is due, along with other financial relief. The complaint alleges that the condominium company was unjustly enriched, failed to deal fairly with the concrete company and failed to act in good faith. These actions caused damages to the concrete company.

Sadly, this is not the first or only business litigation to be filed — or that will be filed — over one party’s alleged breach of a contract with another entity. Even though a properly prepared and executed contract creates a legally binding agreement between the parties, not everyone fulfills their duties as outlined in the contract. A Georgia business facing a similar situation may benefit from exploring the legal options available for resolving the issue — including going to court, if necessary.

Source:, “Golden View Condominium accused of breach of contract“, Jenie Mallari-Torres, July 27, 2017

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