Man’s Record Shows Multiple Arrests for Drunk Driving

Drivers in Georgia know that they could be taken into custody for getting behind the wheel after knocking back a few. Even so, people make mistakes and end up under arrest for drunk driving. However, when those mistakes come in multiples and within 10 years, it can create complications for the accused individual.

This is the issue facing a Georgia man recently taken into custody in a McDonald’s parking lot. His vehicle was said to be blocking in another one, and the woman behind the wheel could not get the man to move his car. She contacted the police.

When police arrived and approached the man’s vehicle, they say he rolled down the window. The officer claimed that a strong smell of alcohol wafted out of the vehicle. The 34-year-old man supposedly admitted to having seven or eight drinks the previous night. At that point, he was placed under arrest. Records indicate this was the man’s 10th arrest for driving under the influence in as many years.

He was released on bail at last report. However, he may still have criminal charges to deal with at some point in the future. If the reports regarding his prior arrests are accurate, he could be facing significant penalties if he is convicted of the current drunk driving charges, depending on how many of those prior arrests turned into convictions.

Even though the penalties for drunk driving increase with the number of convictions in the past 10 years, the man in question retains the right to contest the charges just like everyone else. Anyone in his position would more than likely benefit from the advice and assistance of a criminal defense attorney. A lawyer could review the situation for violations of the accused individual’s rights, determine whether any mistakes were made and determine all of the options available for pursuing the best possible result.

Source:, “Savannah man arrested on tenth DUI charge in ten years“, Trish Williford, July 27, 2017

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