Georgia Man Faces Felony Charges for Drugs, Gambling

Several agencies in two states coordinated investigations to arrest a Georgia resident who they claim was involved in illegal enterprises. The 54-year-old man faces several felony counts. He was taken into custody, though the investigation is said to be ongoing. 

According to authorities, the man was operating as a booking agent for an illegal gambling business over the internet. Police in one state began the investigation that they claim was being run out of two separate residences in two states. The man is also accused of both collecting and distributing monies won or lost on the gambling bets that supposedly involved college and professional sporting events.

Officials were granted search warrants for both homes. Police claim to have discovered both controlled and illegal substances, including steroids and oxycodone, while conducting their searches. The man was taken to a local Georgia detention center, and authorities stated that more charges may follow once the investigation is concluded.

Five agencies worked together during the investigation, including the searches. The man is facing felony charges in Georgia and may also be charged in Virginia for gambling and drug-related charges. He is entitled to a thorough review of the evidence that prosecutors intend to present against him. He is likely working closely with his counsel in order to prepare and present a focused defense in answer to the charges he is currently facing with the goal of arriving at the best possible outcome in his current situation. The seriousness of the accusations require careful assessment of the allegations in both jurisdictions with a view toward limiting the potential consequences of all formal charges.

Source: Cumming, GA Patch, “Cumming Man Arrested In Gambling Raid“, Doug Gross, Feb. 16, 2017

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