Moving on and Growing Stronger after Divorce Is a Positive Step

Many couples who are in a healthy marriage often see themselves as a unit rather than two separate individuals. This tendency can be a drawback in the event that the relationship falters and a divorce results. There has been much research that may benefit Georgia residents who are finding the process of seeking closure after a divorce more difficult than they anticipated.

Closure is a word that is used when a relationship has ended before one or the other of the parties involved have come to terms with that fact. This process may be a necessary one in order for one to move on and feel like a whole person in spite of the fact that a marriage ended. There are steps one can take that can help him or her to feel empowered and more confident. One way to do this is to realize that a relationship does not define who one is as a person.

Researchers have suggested that people return to the activities or interests that they found enjoyable before the relationship commenced. Doing so can help one find that his or her identity is found in oneself rather than being determined by relationship status. Additionally, those who were able to view a divorce objectively rather than placing blame on themselves were able to move forward without overwhelming distress caused by emotions.

Researchers have also stated that closure is an empowering step that allows a person to find a new path for one’s life. It is a fact that not every marriage will last and a significant number will end in a divorce. As a result, it may be more important than ever for the parties involved to see this process as an opportunity for personal growth. Any Georgia resident who is in the process of obtaining a divorce and unsure of what direction to take may choose to seek the assistance of an attorney familiar with family law.

Source:, “How to Get ‘Closure’ After a Breakup“, Emily Esfahani Smith, Feb. 16, 2017

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