Careful Preparation May Avoid Some Contract Disputes

No matter what one’s chosen field of employment, misunderstandings are relatively common and can lead to challenging working conditions. In some cases, having a carefully considered blueprint for business interactions might diffuse some contract disputes before problems escalate. However, as many Georgia construction workers may have experienced, not every problem is easily solved.

There are ways to approach a project that can make the process as smooth as possible. One professional has stressed the importance of a carefully worded and prepared contract to ensure that the parties involved are fully aware of the responsibilities of each, what progress is expected and within what time frame. While careful planning can go a long way in minimizing the likelihood of a serious disagreement developing, not every complication can be foreseen.

The source of most disputes arise when specific responsibilities are not specified clearly. Another area that can lead to a breakdown in progress and a subsequent dispute is being unable to access the planned work site in a timely manner or delays in delivery of necessary supplies occur. Another stimulus for dissent is failure to receive payment in the manner agreed upon. 

No matter the cause behind contract disputes, it is important to have documentation to back up any claims. Also, exercising the right to seek an attorney who is well-versed in business law may help ensure that the issues are resolved in a satisfactory manner. Georgia businesses who find themselves in the midst of a situation that they are not able to resolve may choose to consult with legal counsel, who can review the issues and help them settle the dispute while protecting their rights in the process.

Source:, “Minimize project disputes through patient, thorough planning“, Adam Burroughs, Jan. 3, 2017

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