Georgia Policeman Accused of Felony Offenses

As most people are aware, police work can be an unpredictable occupation. In fact, in the course of carrying out their duties, it has happened that police officers can find themselves facing a felony charge. One Georgia man is currently facing a two-pronged investigation after his arrest following a recent alleged assault.

According to the report, the policeman had placed an individual under arrest for undisclosed reasons. At some point, after the suspect was supposedly restrained, the officer allegedly engaged in using physical force against the man. The nature of the purported assault was not disclosed and the condition of the individual who was allegedly harmed remains unknown at this time.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is conducting its own investigation into the incident and will likely announce its findings at a later date. The officer who has been accused is facing two serious charges in the wake of this incident. He was initially placed under arrest and taken into the custody of Georgia authorities.

It is unknown if the officer remains in custody or if he has posted bail. The felony charges include an alleged violation of his solemn oath as a policeman and of committing a crime while acting in an official capacity as a police officer. These felony charges are serious and could impact this man’s life for years to come, and, as such, he should work closely with his defense attorney to not only fight the allegations the state has made against him but also to determine whether other options are available to him in order to possibly avoid a conviction and the accompanying long-term ramifications.

Source:, “Moultrie officer charged with assaulting suspect“, Jan. 6, 2017

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