Georgia Man Facing Drug Charges after Search of Home

A Georgia man was recently arrested and charged with several felonies. Authorities say they received information that he was engaged in allegedly illegal activity. He is now facing numerous drug charges. It is unclear whether he remains in police custody.

According to police, they were in the vicinity of the charged man’s home when they reportedly witnessed him operating his vehicle — though officers indicate that he did not possess a license. Investigators claim to have waited until he drove into his parking space at his home before they approached him. They purportedly received permission to conduct a search of his person and vehicle once they told him they had information that he was allegedly engaged in illegal transactions.

Purportedly, police found several items during their search that they claim were either illegal substances or tools supposedly used in the drug trade. After a search of the vehicle purportedly revealed other substances, the investigators placed the man in custody. They say the man then granted further permission for a search of his home. That effort supposedly turned up more illegal substances as well as two weapons which the owner did not have permission to possess.

The man now faces multiple drug charges. He is entitled to retain legal counsel and is likely working with an attorney to prepare the most effective defense possible in answer to the charges that Georgia officials have filed against him. His attorney may seek to challenge several facets of the case, including whether the man gave informed consent to the searches that were carried out. The lawyer may also explore other options, including plea negotiations with the prosecution, in order to determine the best approach to achieve a favorable outcome.

Source:, “Moultrie man charged in drug bust“, Alan Mauldin, Dec. 23, 2016

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