3 Tips for Getting Custody of Your Child

While you go through a divorce, you probably worry about custody of your child. Are you going to be able to see your child at all? Is it possible to get sole custody? These questions can cause you to stress out and lose sleep, but there are answers.

Above all else, Georgia courts prioritize the best interests of your child. Continue reading for help showing the judge you deserve custody of your child.

1. Make a parenting plan with your ex

It is best to avoid a long and drawn-out battle if at all possible. If you and your former spouse are willing to work together and compromise, you should try to develop a parenting plan together with the following provisions:

  • A time schedule with details for each day
  • Transportation arrangements and where to drop off your child
  • Where your child will be for specific holidays

Working together will set you up for success and show the judge that both parents care about the child.

2. Be involved

One of the best things you can do before, during and after custody hearings is being consistently involved in activities with your child. If you are the noncustodial parent, make an effort to go to sports games, recitals or any extracurricular activities. This will demonstrate your commitment and desire to be close to your child.

3. Encourage a relationship with the other parent

Apart from striving for healthy communication between you and your ex, you should also encourage your child to maintain a healthy connection with his or her parent. Regardless of the bad blood between you two, you are both parents, and the court generally wants both parents involved in some capacity. Avoid being vindictive or talking trash about the other parent. 

Child custody is one of the most difficult things about getting divorced. Make sure to talk to a family law attorney before your custody hearings for more specific guidance.

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