Actor Jesse Williams Fighting for Joint Child Custody

It does not matter if one has achieved celebrity status when it comes to fighting for time with one’s children. Child custody issues often accompany divorce in Georgia and elsewhere, regardless of a couple’s social or economic situation. This is something actor Jesse Williams is supposedly finding out.

According to a recent report, Mr. Williams is supposedly in a heated battle with his soon-to-be ex-wife over how much time he should get to spend with their two children. He is seeking joint custody, but he claims that his wife is restricting the time that he is currently getting to two and a half hours daily and no overnight stays at his residence. He claims that he has always been very involved in the lives of his children and would like that to continue.

Of course, legal counsel for Mrs. Williams denies these claims. In a statement recently released, Mrs. Williams claims that she, too, would like to reach a joint custody arrangement. The couple has been working on their divorce for about two months now. It is unclear when they will reach an agreeable settlement regarding their children and property.

There are many divorces like that of Jesse Williams and his wife playing out all across the country, including right here in Georgia. Figuring out what is best for children when going through the dissolution process can truly be a challenge. Each parent will have his or her own idea of what best actually means. This can make figuring out child custody difficult. With the assistance of legal counsel it is possible to fight for fair access to one’s children.

Source: Us Weekly, “Jesse Williams Battles Ex-Wife Aryn Drake-Lee for Joint Physical Custody Amid Divorce“, Nicholas Hautman, June 21, 2017

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