Nesting Can Keep Things Somewhat Normal for Kids after Divorce

When parents decide to split up, the people often hurt the most are their children. Divorce is simply hard on kids, and that is why some parents are willing to take certain measures to make the it as easy as possible for them.  This is where nesting comes into play. This is not an arrangement that works for everyone, but for some families in Georgia it may be the answer.

What exactly is nesting? After most divorces, children are shuffled around to their parent’s new homes. In a nesting arrangement, the children remain in the family home and it is the parents who have to do the shuffling. Each parent will have his or her own new residence and when it is his or her time with the children, he or she will stay at the family home with the kids.

This arrangement is simple and complex all at the same time. It is easier for the children since it keeps them in the home that they know, therefore offering stability. However, for each parent, having to maintain two residences can be a challenge and figuring out how this will affect a property division settlement can be difficult.

Over the years, nesting has been shown to be beneficial to children, which is why so many parents are willing to try it. If it does not work out, though, it is possible to modify both the custody order and the property division settlement. An experienced divorce attorney can assist those in Georgia who would like to give nesting a shot by negotiating the terms of the agreement and including them in the final dissolution settlement. If, in the future, modifications are required, assistance can be offered with that as well.

Source: The New York Times, “After Divorce, Giving Our Kids Custody of the Home“, Beth Behrendt, Accessed on June 13, 2017

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