Repeat Drunk Driving Charges Could Land You in a Lot of Trouble

Are you facing a DUI charge? Do you have more than one on your record already? If you do, you could face serious penalties if you are convicted. Repeat drunk driving offenses are no laughing matter, and prosecuting attorneys in Georgia will do all that is necessary to seek maximum punishment in such cases. As this is the case, having an experienced criminal defense attorney at your side could prove invaluable.

Driving while impaired by alcohol is a serious offense. It does not matter if you did not hurt anyone, if your blood-alcohol level was just over the legal limit or even if your BAC was below but your driving was reckless, you could face a number of penalties that could greatly impact your personal and professional life. This is particularly true for repeat offenders.

First time DUI offenders may be able to avoid jail time and simply have to pay fines and/or deal with a temporary license suspension. If convicted a second time, jail time is likely on top of the fines and loss of driving privileges. If you are convicted three or more times within a certain time frame, you could face imprisonment and the revocation of your driver’s license — among other penalties. To learn more about the potential consequences of DUI offenses and how an attorney can help you, please take a moment and visit our firm’s website.

Whether your reside in Georgia or elsewhere, repeat drunk driving charges are generally challenging to fight. Prosecuting attorney’s will use the details of your past against you in order to achieve a conviction, no matter how long ago your last DUI offense occurred. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help keep the case focused on the charge at hand and help you fight for a case dismissal or seek to minimize the consequences of a conviction.

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