Noncompete Contract Disputes, a Problem for Business Owners

Georgia business owners just want to do what they feel is best for their companies. These businesses are their babies. In order to ensure growth, development and product security sometimes employees are asked to sign noncompete agreements. Unfortunately, such agreements are also the cause of numerous contract disputes.

A noncompete agreement is a document that is meant to keep employees from leaving to work for competitors, start their own similar businesses or share trade secrets. Sounds like a good thing, right? Unfortunately, many courts do believe that such documents are too restrictive and limit an employee’s right to pursue better opportunities within his or her field of employment.

In order for business owners to avoid any problems that may come from utilizing noncompetition agreements, they must make sure that the contracts are legally valid. In order for this to be the case, noncompetes must be reasonable in their requests and protect business interests. They must also give the signing employee something of value in exchange for his or her willingness to sign.

Company owners in Georgia who are taken to court over noncompete contract disputes may have to work hard to defend themselves. Business litigation can be long, drawn out and expensive. However, with legal assistance, resolving such contract disputes in a timely and agreeable manner is possible. Better yet, business owners may be able to avoid such disputes entirely by having an experienced attorney draw up noncompetition agreements that are fair, legally binding and employee specific from the get go.

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