Georgia Man Facing a Number of Felony Charges

A Georgia man has found himself in a tough legal spot after being arrested in connection with a carjacking and kidnapping. He is facing a number of felony charges as a result. With so much going against him at the moment, he deserves the best legal defense available to him.

According to a recent news report, late in the evening of Sunday, Sept. 20, a 48-year-old woman who was walking to her car was allegedly forced into the trunk of her vehicle by two armed men. The men then got into her automobile and drove away. The victim found a way to open the vehicle’s trunk, and she jumped from the car while it was moving. She was then transported to an area hospital for medical treatment.

Police claim to have spotted the stolen car in the early morning hours the next day. They say that they attempted to initiate a traffic stop, but the driver refused to comply. Instead, the vehicle was parked at an apartment complex, and the two men inside the car fled the scene on foot. One individual — a 24-year-old male — was eventually arrested for the incident.

The accused individual has been charged with kidnapping, hijacking an automobile and aggravated assault. He also is said to have had warrants out for his arrest for various other crimes. Felony charges such as those filed against this individual carry penalties that could severely alter the course of this young man’s life if he is ultimately convicted. With legal assistance, the accused will be better able to navigate the Georgia criminal court system and fight for the best outcome possible.

Source:, “Macon man charged with kidnapping, carjacking woman in Red Cross parking lot”, Sept. 25, 2017

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