Driver Who Hit Police Car Arrested for DUI

The driver who hit a police car in Georgia while the officer was helping another motorist has been arrested. Impairment is believed to be a factor in this case. As such, the accused has been charged with DUI and various other violations.

According to a recent news report, in mid-June, the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Department posted a picture of a crushed police cruiser on its Facebook page. With this picture, they posted a message about the need to change lanes when coming up on an officer working on the side of the road. The police cruiser may have been totaled but the officer was uninjured, as he or she was not in the car when it was struck from behind by a passing vehicle.

The name of the person responsible for the collision has not been reported. In fact, very little information about this individual is known. He or she was taken into police custody following the crash. Charges against the accused include impaired driving, failure to maintain lane, habitual offender violation and a move over violation. It is unclear if this person has retained legal counsel or if court dates regarding this matter have been set.

The DUI and other charges in this case are nothing to treat lightly. The state of Georgia certainly will not. The accused individual will be facing a tough legal battle as he or she fights to protect his or her rights and freedom. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help this individual seek the best outcome possible under the circumstances.

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