What to Expect at a Zoning Hearing

Real estate developers and brokers in Georgia and elsewhere see land for all of its possibilities. The problem facing individuals in these positions is zoning. Getting a plot of land rezoned for a specific use is not necessarily easy. There is a whole process to it, part of which involves attending one or more hearings. What can one expect at a zoning hearing?

Those who wish to have property rezoned for certain purposes have to submit a proposal to the local zoning board. An official request can be submitted in writing. With the request, one can submit plans for the property and information as to why the change will be good for the area. All of this information will also be shared in person at a zoning hearing. Know that it can take months before one’s request will be heard before the zoning board, and it can take months or years to achieve approval — it all depends on the type of project planned.

At a zoning hearing, real estate developers and brokers will have the chance to share their vision and make their zoning request. The board will have a chance to ask questions. Members of the public will also have the ability to voice any concerns. A final decision on the matter is likely to come at a later date.

When it comes to zoning, numerous factors are taken into consideration before a planning board is willing to rezone a plot of land in Georgia or elsewhere. It is this way for good reason. Real estate brokers or developers who need help fighting to have property rezoned can turn to legal counsel with experience in handling such matters.

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