Getting a Divorce? Protect Your iPhone Data

The iPhone is a very popular cellular device for its ease of use and ability to sync data across several devices. This syncing option allows anyone who utilizes one’s devices access to quite a bit of important information. While this can be a good thing, particularly for spouses in Georgia and elsewhere who want to easily share passwords and other data, it can also be a bad thing as it can cause privacy issues if divorce enters the picture.

When going through a divorce, no one wants to believe that his or her spouse will use online data to get a leg up in the settlement process. It happens, though, more often that one would think. In a recent news article, an attorney shared a story about a woman refusing to change her email password because she believed that her husband couldn’t or wouldn’t access her account. It turned out that he could and was gaining access to her emails, even the ones between her and her legal counsel.

Protecting cell phone and other digital data is a must when going through a divorce. It cannot be stressed enough. One never knows how one’s soon-to-be ex will use it to his or her advantage. Unsyncing devices and changing passwords should be top priority when considering or starting the dissolution process.

Not everyone is willing to use a spouse’s personal data to sway a divorce settlement in their favor. There are those who are, though, and it can leave the offended party blindsided. Those in Georgia or elsewhere who are ready to dissolve their marriages can protect themselves by protecting their personal information on their iPhones and other devices. They can also speak to legal counsel about other things they can do to safeguard their information and accounts.

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