Georgia Man Facing Felony Charges

Young man in his early 20s was recently arrested for his alleged involvement in a carjacking that is said to have occurred Feb. 19. The crime occurred in Georgia, but this individual was arrested in a neighboring state and sent back to Georgia for his criminal proceedings. He is facing felony charges, which can carry stiff penalties if he is ultimately convicted.

According to reports, the 23-year-old male allegedly pulled a gun on the owner of a sedan and used violence to take the vehicle. This incident occurred near Savannah. The accused then took the car across the state line into South Carolina where he was involved in a car accident. State troopers arrested him at the scene of that accident.

Now back in Georgia, the accused could face up to 15 years in prison and be ordered to pay a fine of $250,000 if he is convicted on the armed carjacking charge. On top of that, as he is said to have crossed state lines, he could face an additional 10 years behind bars — as this is considered a federal offense. No court dates for this case have been reported to the public.

Felony charges are no laughing matter. This young man’s whole world may be turned upside down if criminal proceedings do not go his way. A skilled criminal defense attorney will be able to assist the accused by carefully reviewing his case and questioning any evidence offered against him. In doing so, information may come to light that may help the accused as he fights his case in a Georgia criminal court.

Source:, “23-year-old indicted for carjacking near Forsyth Park“, March 8, 2018

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