Glen Campbell Estate May Sit In Probate for Awhile

When a person dies, his or her loved ones may end up fighting over the estate. It happens all too often. When it does, if the deceased individual was a Georgia resident, the estate may sit in a Georgia probate court for an extended period of time while family members and their attorneys work to figure things out. A prime example of this is the current battle over the Glen Campbell estate.

Glen Campbell was a country music legend who battled Alzheimer’s for many years. His wife cared for him at home for some time until his disease progressed to a point where he needed professional care. He died in Aug. 2017, in a Nashville nursing home.

Campbell’s estate is said to be worth $50 million. It is unclear to whom his assets will be distributed. However, there is a battle waging between his wife and his children from a previous marriage because they were not included in their father’s will. The children claim that his wife refused to let them visit him. She denies these claims.

When undue influence is thought to be an issue when it comes to a loved one’s estate, both sides have the chance address the issue in probate court — which can drag out the estate administration process but may be worth it in the end. A judge will then get to decide whether the will is valid. Those who find themselves battling issues in probate court, no matter what side of the problem they are on, can turn to an experienced Georgia-based probate attorney who will be able to help them address the situation in the right way.

Source:, “Glen Campbell’s Widow Reveals Court Battle Over Country Legend’s $50 Million Estate”, March 19, 2018

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