Joint Child Custody: What You Should Know

Splitting up is hard to do. It is even harder if a couple has children to consider. Coming to child custody terms can prove difficult. While many divorcing parents in Georgia and elsewhere are turning to joint custody arrangements for the good of the children, making them work is not always a piece of cake.

What is joint custody? This is where both parents take active roles in the lives of their children. There are two different types of joint custody: physical and legal. With joint physical custody, children will spend time residing with each parent. The details of how living arrangements will work will be different for every family, as every family has different needs.

With joint legal custody, both parents will have the ability to make important life decisions for their kids. This means parents have to talk things out and make these decisions together, which is sometimes easier said than done. Joint legal custody is not always granted just because joint physical custody is. Again, every family has unique needs. Legal custody will be awarded to the parent or parents deemed fit to have it.

Couples in Georgia who are going through the divorce process have a lot of things to consider, especially if they have children. Under the right circumstances, joint child custody can have a lot of benefits for the affected children; parents just have to be able to make it work. With the assistance of legal counsel, it is possible to achieve a custody arrangement that truly serves the family’s needs.

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