How to Value the Role of a Caregiver in a Marriage

It is not uncommon for women in Georgia and throughout the country to stay home after their children are born. In some cases, women choose to leave the workforce despite the fact that they have a master’s degree or higher level of education. Research has shown that women are considered to be better caregivers than men, and it also shows that most people approve of a mother leaving the workforce to help raise a child.

However, it can be difficult to determine how much a parent who stays at home should receive in a divorce settlement. A study involving more than 3,000 people tried to answer that question. After reading a scenario involving a woman who stayed at home after the couple’s children were born, participants were asked how much she is entitled to in the divorce. Among the participants, men were more likely to base the award on the woman’s income and level of education.

Women were more likely to give the female in this scenario the same amount of marital property regardless of her level of education. Men believed that the person who earned the money had a right to keep it while women believed that staying home was a valuable contribution. Ultimately, the study shows that society is still struggling to define what marriage means and how to value each person’s role in it.

A person who is going through the divorce process may want to speak with a family law attorney. This may make it easier to learn about property division, child support, and child custody rules in the state. It may also make it easier to take an objective view of a case, which may result in a settlement being reached in less time.

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