What Is the State of Entrepreneurship in Georgia, Nationally?

It’s glass-half-empty news. Wait, that proverbial glass is actually half full, or perhaps even more. To some people, it’s about to overflow.

When it comes to getting assessments on how small businesses and start-up enterprises are doing in Georgia and across the country, well, it just depends on the party being solicited for answers.

The hard-core pessimists will say this: Business is bad. Relevant indicators show an ebbing number of new entrants. Polled respondents in the business world seem a collectively negative group. Legislators at both the federal and state levels can’t seem to conjure up any bipartisan energy to drive commercial growth. We’re a sinking ship.

Of course, there’s a rejoinder to that gloom-and-doom view, and it stresses a polar-opposite outcome. Moreover, it seems to be marked by sufficient rationality to perhaps carry the day for most Americans.

It goes like this. We’re a resilient people, with a proven history of bold and consistent entrepreneurship that has always prevailed over the long run. And the currently shrunken pool of labor available to seed new businesses is actually a sign of economic health; that is, America is almost fully employed presently, which is obviously a good thing.

There are myriad other factors – wrenches in the works, if you will – that are also only temporarily stalling growth and will become less relevant as time goes by. Those include this year’s earlier government shutdown, as well as the newly divided U.S. Congress that one recent media piece notes has “left [business] owners uncertain over future policies.”

And here’s a point regarding individual states: They are figuratively all over the map when it comes to commercial assessments and growth. Georgia, for instance, reportedly has strongly positive business sentiments.

No economic seer privy to long-term information would want to bet against America in any wager concerning its future business prospects.

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