What Should You Do If Your Neighbor’s Yard Is Overgrown?

You have been living in this area of town for several years, and you’ve always liked your neighbors. They were friendly and kept their property up nicely.

You were sad to see them go when they decided to move, but their family was growing and they needed more room. Now, however, you have a new neighbor who isn’t taking care of the space. Weeds and vines have overtaken a chain-link fence between the properties, and their piles of trash have made the area less desirable.

You’ve tried hinting to the new neighbors that something needs to be done, but they seem disinclined to listen. You’re frustrated — and maybe a little angry.

What Should You Do?

In a situation like this, the first step is normally to speak with your neighbor. There could be a problem that is preventing them from keeping up with the maintenance of the property, which could be something you could help with until they can get the tools they need. However, some people simply don’t take care of their properties. In those cases, you can chop back any plants that encroach on your property.

If roots or invading plants start to damage your property, ask your neighbor to remove them and talk to them about the issue. If they won’t address it, then you may want to discuss suing the neighbor. Whether they have large trees or smaller encroaching plants, neighbors have to keep up on their yard maintenance. If they don’t, then you may be able to pursue legal action.

Boundary disputes and issues between neighbors can get unpleasant very quickly. If you’re uncertain about your rights, speak to an attorney.

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