Why Should I Create a Digital Will?

Historically, the only assets that we left behind were in a financial and physical form, therefore a will accounted for physical possessions. In today’s modern world, assets and information that belong to us are also present online. This information can hold sentimental value as well as financial value.

Many people are now seeing the importance of accounting for their digital footprint as part of their estate plan. They want to make sure that their accounts are either closed down or maintained by a trusted individual. If you are unsure about whether you want to create a digital will, the following are some reasons to do so.

You’ll Ensure Privacy for Yourself and Your Loved Ones

Many people have thousands of photos of themselves and their loved ones held in online accounts. You may want these to be made private at the end of your life so that you can ensureĀ privacy for yourself and those close to you.

You’ll Ensure All Assets Can Be Accessed

If you do not private information about bank accounts, your loved ones may have difficulty accessing these assets. Creating a digital will can help to streamline this process.

You’ll Minimize Stress for Your Loved Ones

It’s likely that your loved ones will have to deal with your digital footprint regardless of whether you leave a digital will or not. By creating one, you’ll help to make things easier for them.

The creation of a digital will is a great way to state your wishes for the handling of all your online accounts, and it can be a vital part of anyone’s estate plan.

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