Arrest Made in Traffic Shooting Case; Assault Charges Filed

At the beginning of June, police in Roswell received reports of a shooting at Holcomb Bridge Road and Old Roswell Road. While no one was hurt, the individual believed responsible was just recently arrested and is facing aggravated assault charges. The penalties in this case, if the accused is ultimately convicted, may be severe.  

What happened? 

According to reports, the accused — a 22-year-old male — allegedly pulled his vehicle up alongside another car, pulled out a gun and opened fire. At least one shot was fired, which damaged the victim’s automobile. The accused then drove away.  


Law enforcement authorities haven’t released a why for this incident. They say that there was no exchange of words between the accused and the victim, and no aggressive driving behavior by anyone involved. There is also no known relationship between the accused and the victim. In other words, it appears to have been a random act of violence.  

The potential consequences 

Aggravated assault is a felony in Georgia. If the accused in this case is convicted, he is looking at one or more years behind bars, fines and a myriad of other consequences. There is a lot on the line. Thankfully, this young man has the right to defend himself, and he can have legal counsel on his side as he does that. With the right person in his corner, this individual can question the evidence offered against him, share his side of the story — if he wants to — fight the charges in the case, or work toward achieving a plea deal with the prosecuting attorney in an effort to minimize the consequences if a case dismissal cannot be achieved.

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