Conflict in the Workplace May Cause Unrest and Needs Addressing

Facing a conflict in the workplace does not always seem like a growth opportunity. Certainly, some disagreements could allow individuals on opposite sides of an issue to see matters from the other party’s perspective, and compromise may help reach a valuable resolution. In other cases, conflict may arise due to problems with a partner or worker that create a dispute that needs to be addressed effectively before it causes harm to the company. 

When a considerable amount of conflict exists in a Georgia workplace, it can begin to affect the company as a whole, particularly if a high-level employee or partner is involved. A partner or supervisor who constantly micromanages lower-ranking staff could cause conflict if the workers generally have independent workstyles and are encouraged to have such workstyles for their position. If they are constantly told what to do when following such orders is not in the job description, it could create unrest. 

If there is a mismatch in how a partner manages employees, it may be necessary for other partners to step in and discuss why this is a problem. Unfortunately, such communication is not always met with understanding, and business owners may need to consider the following options: 

  • Utilizing mediation, which could allow all parties involved to discuss the issues with an unbiased third party in hopes of coming to a viable resolution 
  • Setting rules for how the discussion will play out, such as no yelling or crass language 
  • Understanding that negotiation and compromise may not always be possible 

In some cases, when problems with a partner create conflict that begins to affect the operations of a company, it may be necessary to move forward with litigation if damages have occurred or with dissolving the partnership. Though some individuals may work well as business partners for a time, changes in point of view could easily result in parties no longer seeing matters in the same way. If Georgia business owners believe that internal disputes are harming their business, they may wish to consider their legal options.

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