Who Should Get a Prenuptial Agreement?

Prenuptial agreements are often looked upon as an unromantic process undertaken only by the super-rich, the reality of these legal documents can in fact be very different.  Georgia couples may still benefit from a prenuptial agreement even if they do not have significant assets; in fact, those with less to their name may have more reason to protect their property should something happen. Those concerned that conversations about a potential split could put a damper on matrimonial plans can also be assured that, often, these discussions bring a couple closer together by raising issues that don’t otherwise come up.

Conversations around a prenuptial agreement require each partner to discuss their goals for the marriage, as well as their expectations. Disclosure of assets and discussions about what should and shouldn’t be shared are also central to this process, which can help a couple get off to a communicative start in marriage. Those who have some reservations about marriage due to the unknown can also feel reassured by these conversations, knowing there is a plan for any possibilities.

The super-wealthy are far from the only individuals who might be reassured by a prenuptial agreement. Those who grew up in a home where a contentious divorce took place may take some solace in knowing that they are prepared to avoid the same fate should anything go wrong. Those who have had other types of trauma, like past abusive relationships or legal battles, may also take comfort in having these conversations and documentation. Besides alleviating individual fears, a prenuptial agreement can also lessen tension with future in-laws by assuring them that a family business or beloved asset will not become the centerpiece in a possible split.

To be valid under the law, a prenuptial agreement needs to be fair, which means that a one-sided agreement would likely not pass scrutiny from a court. Having a conversation about each person`s concept of fairness, and their expectations of how that would play out in a marriage, can be very healthy for a relationship. The best way to keep a prenup conversation on track and ensure the document is legally binding is to work with a Georgia family lawyer.

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