Are There Ways to Make a Divorce Go Faster?

One common question individuals may ask when entering a divorce is how long the process will take. The answer to this can vary greatly depending on the relationship, family considerations, assets, and so on. In any situation, however, there are some things Georgia individuals can do to increase their odds of a speedy resolution.

  • Consider mediation. One way to minimize the legal back-and-forth in a divorce is to attempt to work out details through mediation. A successful mediation will allow each party to express their wants and needs, so terms can be drawn up without over-involving family courts.
  • Assess assets. Prior to meeting with a lawyer, put together a list of assets, including those owned individually and those which are shared. This will make it easier for a lawyer to quickly provide guidance and understand the situation at hand.
  • Communicate respectfully. Maintaining positive communication with a soon-to-be-ex spouse could be challenging at times. However, using emotional language or lashing out can derail an amicable divorce. Be mindful of what is said in emails, on social media, and in conversations, and consider having an attorney send communication if things are at risk of getting heated.
  • Be clear on priorities. Mediation will involve some give and take, so it helps to know what is most important to both parties. Know what issues matter most individually can make it easier to understand how long the divorce might take, and what concessions could speed up the processes.

Overall, there are many different ways the divorce process could unfold. One of the factors that most impact the length of a divorce is the willingness of both sides to work together in creating an agreement. Regardless of how amicable a divorce may be, it is highly important to find a Georgia lawyer who can help support the process, whether it is a simple mediation or a more complex legal situation.

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