Don’t Let These Compliance Violations Hurt Your Business

Noncompliance is a word that can land business owners in Georgia in a lot of trouble. Every business has certain laws and standards with which it must comply. Failure to do so could be very damaging and even cause a person to lose the business — in extreme cases.  

Compliance a must in the following areas 

There are several areas where compliance with state and federal rules and regulations is a must. Failure to comply can result in penalties, audits, lawsuits, and, as previously said, dissolution of one’s company. The areas where compliance is a must include: 

  • Wages 
  • Employing minors 
  • Hiring 
  • Labor law poster 
  • Licensing 
  • Safety 

In short, employers have to pay appropriate wages for all hours worked. Business owners who employ minors need to know at what age they can hire them and how much they are allowed to work. Employers cannot discriminate during the hiring process. Employers must hang labor law posters where employees can see them. Finally, business owners must obtain all required licenses and permits that pertain to their services, and they must ensure they are following all safety guidelines. 

How to avoid compliance violations 

There are a few things business owners in Georgia can do to ensure they do not commit compliance violations. They can employ a compliance officer, either full-time or as needed, whose job it is to ensure the company remains in compliance or finds issues and quickly corrects them. They can lead by example, particularly in terms of workplace safety. Finally, they can maintain necessary paperwork and keep good records.  

If compliance violations become an issue 

If a company is accused of one or more compliance violations, the sooner the owner acts to address the issue, the better. Not sure what to do? Don’t worry. An experienced business law attorney can help business owners in Georgia do what is necessary to deal with the compliance violations as quickly and quietly as possible. 

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