New Regulations Relating to Short-Term Rentals Passed in Georgia

These days more and more Georgia residents are becoming small business owners and operators. These operations are sprouting up in large part because of the increased interest in gig work and side hustles. Typically, these business ventures offer part-time work and extra income for individuals. In particular, many people have started conducting short-term rental businesses with their property, but like for all businesses, it is necessary to stay on top of new and existing ordinances and regulations relating to those businesses. 

It was recently reported that the Atlanta City Council has passed new city ordinances relating to short-term rental property. The ordinance is apparently in relation to issues with party houses that have been causing disruptions in residential areas. In some cases, violent crimes have taken place at these short-term rental properties as well as open-invite parties resulting in large crowds gathering. Popular short-term rental listing site Airbnb already has terms against unauthorized parties and has banned party houses in the Atlanta area. 

The ordinance is set to go into effect in September and includes the following terms: 

  • A $150 annual fee paid by short-term rental business owners to the city 
  • A rental fee consisting of an 8% tax 
  • A $300 fine charged to owners for each violation renters commit 

Unfortunately, if a business owner is not aware of a new ordinance and unintentionally violates it, simply saying that one did not know about the regulations is likely not enough to prevent fines and other penalties. As a result, it always pays to stay updated on any local changes that could affect a business, even a small business or side gig. If Georgia business owners have issues with local ordinances or believe they are facing unfair restrictions or penalties, they may want to look into their legal rights and options.

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