3 Common Questions about Adoption

Adoption is beneficial for both you and the child you eventually make part of your family. Nevertheless, it is a big decision that requires careful consideration beforehand.

There are many misconceptions about adoption, and you need to make sure you are basing your decision on good information. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, it is natural for you to have questions about the process. Here are answers to some of the most common.

1. What types of adoption are available in Georgia?

As a prospective adoptive parent in Georgia, you have the choice of either private adoption or public adoption. A public adoption involves a state-run agency or an organization that receives government funding.

A private adoption involves an accredited agency that does not receive money from the state. Often, though not always, the organization running a private adoption agency is a nonprofit charity. Working with a private agency also offers the possibility of adopting a child from another country.

2. How do you prepare to adopt a child?

The type of preparation you require depends partly on the type of adoption you are pursuing. If you adopt a child from foster care, you must go through mandatory training to develop certain parenting competencies. Private adoption agencies may offer prospective parents pre-adoptive training but not necessarily require it.

3. How long does the process take?

Adoption is a process, the length of which depends on factors such as the type of adoption, where the child is coming from, the child’s age and medical needs. It sometimes takes several years. Even if the process is relatively short, it can be more complex than you expect.

For parents wishing to add to an existing family or create a new one, adoption is a popular choice. The child you eventually adopt will be one of 125,000 children adopted annually in the United States.

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