What Happens If My Landlord Sells My Home?

It can be devastating to receive a notice from your landlord that he or she is selling the home in which you live. You may worry about what will happen and if you will be out in the cold.

According to the Georgia Department of Community Affairs, the law says a lease agreement transfers upon theĀ sale of a property. So, the person who buys the home will take over the responsibility of your lease for the remainder of the time unless there are exceptions that apply.

No automatic eviction

Upon the sale of your home, you will not face an automatic eviction. It is up to the new owner what he or she wishes to do. The new landlord can take over the lease and everything stays the same until the end of your lease when a new decision will occur.

There is also the possibility the new landlord will want to end your lease, especially if you have a month-to-month agreement. However, in any case, he or she must give you proper notice.

Notice to end lease

If the new landlord wishes for you to leave the property, he or she must give you a 60-day notice. It is essential to understand 60-days means two full calendar months. So, if the landlord gives you notice in the middle of a month, the 60-day countdown will not start until the beginning of the next month and last until the end of the following month. For example, a notice on November 15 gives you until January 31 to move out.

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