Police Looking to Press Drug Charges Against Forsyth Man

Police in Georgia recently raided a home in the Forsyth area and found drugs and weapons. No one was home during the raid. Police are now looking to the individual responsible in order to press weapons and drug charges against him.

Authorities say they are looking for a male who they identified by name and picture to the press. They say that this individual has past criminal convictions. He has already served a number of years in prison for those convictions.

According to reports, during the home raid, investigators found 7 pounds of marijuana which reportedly has a street value of $21,000. They also claim to have found several firearms. It is unclear what led authorities to search this individual’s home. As this individual is a long-time resident of the area, they expect to find and arrest him shortly.

With prior drug convictions on his record and the amount of marijuana and weapons found in the accused’s home, the consequences tied to another conviction could be devastating to the accused. Once caught, how this gentleman responds to the weapons and drug charges filed against him will have a great impact on his case. There is a lot working against this individual, and he may feel that he will not be treated fairly in a Georgia criminal court. An experienced defense attorney will work to ensure this man’s rights are protected throughout the course of his criminal proceedings and will work diligently to assist this gentleman in seeking the best outcome possible under the circumstances.

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